Day 408.

Happy Saturday! I needed to rest and that’s exactly what I did. I’ll be working on some stuff though before I sleep. Gotta get it done!!!

  • I got to sleep in! It was amazing.
  • We decided to order lunch to celebrate our beloved Coco. She would’ve been 20! She was a beautiful dog. Happy Birthday! Love you. ❤️
  • Lunch was delicious! Very savory and flavorful. I’ll definitely order from Saucy Asian again. 😋
  • I watched some baseball on TV. And then I started to get sleepy so I took a long nap. It eventually turned into deep sleep. I’m pretty alert now so I’ll work in a few.
  • Dad is feeling better. Still praying for his healing and good health!!! 🥰🙏🏼
  • Ordered from another Canadian company for hair accessories. Part of the proceeds will be donated to breast cancer!
  • I really want to make spaghetti again. Might go shopping for some of the ingredients tomorrow. Yes!!!
  • It was a mellow day. It was cold.
  • Played some Animal Crossing! All my turnips have been sold. Did the usual on Mango. Celeste visited last night. Need more DIY recipes from her. Nothing new to report today. Need to start gifting things to my villagers again.

Hope it was a great day for everyone! Take care.

Good night.