Day 387.

Happy Saturday!!! 💛 Happy Birthday to our dear Sal. She’s 8 today! We love you. 🐶

  • I stayed up trying to find cherry blossom DIYs. It’s driving me nuts because they’re pretty rare to come by when shooting the presents. AC can be so addicting!!!
  • I watched The Broken Hearts Gallery. It was pretty good!
  • I took a long nap since I was so groggy.
  • Missed out on the UCLA game. They didn’t win. 😭💙💛 Bruins forever!!!!!!
  • Washed the dishes. Going to shower shortly.
  • I’ve been looking at old pictures. Trying to find more from our Mom’s side. To be young again. ❤️
  • Can’t believe it’s Easter tomorrow! So much to do. It’ll all get done.

Hope y’all had a nice one! Take care.

Good night.