Day 386.

TGIF!!! 😎

  • I love sleeping in.
  • Took care of errands. I get excited about cleaning products. We bought more hand soap and it was on sale. 🙂
  • Got to hang out with our doggo cousin, Tink. She’s so sweet!
  • Animal Crossing! Dropped off a diy at my sister’s island. Toby’s settling in and Étoile is close to moving in. Tomorrow should be the day! Hoping to find more cherry blossom DIYs.
  • Prayed the rosary via Zoom with family and I was assigned a mystery. I kinda messed up. 😂🙃🥴 It’s okay. I did it for Lolo. 🤍
  • I’ve eaten a lot of chocolate today. Easter candy rules!!!!
  • Planning to place another Sanrio order. The shop is located in Hong Kong. 🥰 I love all the characters so much!!
  • My class assignment still hasn’t been graded. Waiting for a response on 4/5. Until then, I’m gonna take it easy.
  • We’re going to watch some more ANTM episodes. 🥲

Have a great weekend! Take care.

Good night.