Day 364.

OMG! It’s almost been a year of blogging. Tomorrow is the day!! 😱 I can’t believe it.

  • Chill day for me. I was able to sleep in! I really needed it.
  • I was in bed for a while since I just wanted to relax. I watched some of the Center Stage reunion from last year.
  • I eventually got up and prepped for the day. We decided to order Mediterranean food for lunch. 🙂 So good!!
  • We watched some episodes of America’s Next Top Model – cycle 6!
  • I had to move the car for street cleaning. I couldn’t find a spot for a while. Parked a few blocks away. I hope it’ll be okay overnight. Also got to chat with family again today.
  • Played insane amounts of Animal Crossing! I put together my flower garden. Very cool. 🌷
  • Ordered some milk teas + popcorn chicken for merienda. 😋
  • Watched some of the Dubs game. We got owned!!
  • Now we’re going to finish Time & Again. A Filipino movie. So far it’s good.
  • Still very happy about the long weekend.
  • Lastly, sending good vibes to our Lola and Lala! Wishing all the best. We love y’all!!!! 💕

That was my Thursday! Hope it went well for all of you. Hoping to schedule my iron infusions tomorrow! No one picked up so I’ll try in the morning.

Take care and good night!!


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