Day 363.

It’s been another rough day for me. I couldn’t sleep and my body was in panic mode. I’ve just been worried about our Lola. I’ll continue to keep praying for her and I hope she starts to feel better.

  • We’re currently watching Center Stage. Comfort movies are the best!!
  • Thankful to be off for the next two days. So ready for the long weekend!
  • Animal Crossing update: Lucky has moved in. Redd was visiting. Didn’t sell all my turnips.
  • My new scarf and my medication were delivered today. 🤗
  • I watched a bunch of game shows to keep me occupied. I’ve been an emo mess. I just want our Lola to feel better. I’m in a weird state! I hope I can get a good night’s sleep.
  • I drank 3 cups of sparkling wine. Definitely feeling it. 🥴🥂
  • It’s been raining on and off. It was also really cold at work. I wish I wore more layers. 🥶
  • Lastly, I’m going to schedule my iron infusions tomorrow! So happy it’s been approved. Hopefully there’s an opening next week.

Hope y’all had a nice one! Take care.

Good night.


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