Day 367.

Happy Sunday! I can’t believe my long weekend came and went. 😢 But the good news is, I’ve got a short week again. Yay!

  • The time change threw me off. It’ll probably take me a week to adjust.
  • We watched Cinderella before bed last night.
  • I slept in for a bit. That was nice!
  • Happy Pi Day and Happy Birthday to Steph Curry!! 🥳🎂🍿
  • I was able to work on my online class for an hour. I might start the new section tonight. I haven’t had much energy. I’m hoping someone contacts me tomorrow to setup my iron infusion appointments. I’ve been struggling.
  • We watched The Grammys! So much fun. It was a nice ceremony. Congrats to all the winners!!!
  • Decided to buy some Japanese snacks for the show. 🍙🍡🥤
  • I might have to exercise tonight. 🙃
  • I didn’t get to clean. I can tidy up a bit tonight too.
  • Animal Crossing update: stayed up to buy my turnips! Sent diy recipes to the BFFs via mail. Mango is doing alright.
  • The highlight of my day was video chatting with family. We got to catch up and see Mama/Lola! She was making jokes about food. Miss her so! Get well soon, Lola!!! 💗
  • Hoping everyone has an awesome week! Take care.

Good night.