Day 366.

I’ll continue blogging daily until there’s normalcy. It’s been fun documenting my days. 😛

Happy Saturday!! I can’t believe the long weekend is flying. Back at it on Monday.

  • Part of The Karate Kid cast! So cool. Love it. 😍
  • I got to sleep in which was nice.
  • Washed the dishes and took care of other chores.
  • We watched so many movies last night. I finally got to see Some Kind of Wonderful. It was good! I really liked it.
  • The pizza we had yesterday was so good! I’ll definitely order again. 😋
  • It was so nice to see our grandma via video chat. I miss her so much! Get well soon, Lola!!!
  • I took a long nap. Much needed.
  • Got to catch up with friends on Zoom! I miss seeing everyone. 💗
  • Hoping to study a bit tonight.
  • Make sure to set your clocks forward tonight! I’m okay with losing an hour. Seeing the sun out much longer is the best. 🥰
  • Lastly, I bought some bowbands from Casey. Her store is the best!!
  • Well, that was my day. Hope y’all had a nice one!
  • Btw Bumble is still a hot mess. I reactivated my account and I realize I’m really picky. Nothing wrong with that. 😎

Take care and good night!!


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