• It’s been a week since I’ve stayed home. I’m bored, but nourishing myself.
  • I’m thinking about a lot atm. I hate doing that before bed.
  • 9 more days to 34! WTF?! I grew at 33, 2020 was something. Here’s hoping 2021 will be a better year.
  • Johnny Lawrence. Duh! 😍🥰 I love Cobra Kai.
  • I miss football already. Baseball is almost back. Go Giants! 🖤🧡
  • Love stinks. 3 days away from the day of love. I’m content with being single. I’m not going to settle for some jerk. I said what I said! 💖
  • I’m hoping to be more productive later. What that’ll look like – I don’t know.
  • Getting sleepy.



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