Life update.

Things have been up and down since last Saturday. I had to call out for work to tend to a family emergency. Grandma is stable, but it’s a day at a time for her. 🥺 I’ve accepted that she’s now 93. I miss the days when she would cook, clean, sew, and do her laundry. She raised all of us and I am forever indebted to her.

I wish I had more time. I’m so busy with school and work. These last few days have allowed me to slow down and really spend quality time together. I will always make the time! 💗

I so want a do over. If only it could be that easy! Just reminiscing a lot lately.

Trying to challenge myself with something, but I’m scared. Fear of failure and rejection is what’s stopping me. 😫 It would be cool to be friends with someone new, but I’m scared. I’m so awkward.

Well, that’s my life update. Not much else to say.

Good night.



I must update my weekly photo blog, but today has been a busy Monday. I didn’t get much sleep because Beari was so fidgety. On top of that, I had some milk tea without boba last night. The upside: I got to watch The Last Jedi for the third time yesterday! Whoo. 🙂

I had to shadow to substitute at the school. It’s been a rollercoaster ride. Focusing and in the middle of the day wanting to go to sleep.

I hope to post a blog entry tonight. Please bear with me.

Happy Monday to all!