Day 348.

Happy Tuesday! It’s been an emo type of day – at least the end of it. People just running their mouths today. 😒

  • I had an early morning – a spleen ultrasound, took care of my labs, and ordered my meds.
  • Treated myself to Starbucks – tall decaf vanilla latte, birthday cake pop, and a slice of red velvet loaf cake. I was called Vern. People can’t hear me when I wear my mask. 😂
  • I got home and then I ate my lunch fairly quickly and got ready for work.
  • It was a short day for me. Grateful!
  • Trying to find an appointment for the Covid vaccine. Everything is booked at the moment! I hope I find a slot in March. Fingers crossed.
  • Had another Popeye’s chicken sandwich. No one wanted it so I took it.
  • Watched some of Teen Witch and now watching Adventures in Babysitting.
  • Animal Crossing update: Helped the twin out with her inventory. My island is doing okay. I’m trying to figure out what else I need. A quaint spot would be nice. Flowers are still driving me mad!!
  • It’s been a heavy day. Memorial services were held for our uncle. Unfortunately, I’m unable to attend because of Covid. RIP Tito Timmy. 🤍

I’m pretty spent. I need a nice shower, read my book, and sleep. Take care!!

Good night.


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