Day 326.

Happy Monday! It was a busy one for me, but I got through it. I’m hoping for a good night’s sleep. 💗

  • I stayed up watching some of Saweetie’s YouTube videos. Pinay representation! Her mixed background is awesome. 🇵🇭❤️
  • I listened to some of her songs on Spotify.
  • I eventually fell asleep. My alarm went off too soon and I had to get ready for my driving lesson.
  • Lesson went well! We took my work route and it was okay. I’ve got a lot to practice to feel more confident. Must drive more. I can do this!!
  • I got ready for work when I got back. I had some time to eat a little and then had to go an hour later. Time flies! Hate it sometimes.
  • RIP to Dustin Diamond. Screech was an amazing character! Great childhood memories watching Saved by the Bell. 🥰
  • I watched a lot of tv when I got home. Unwinding is the best!
  • Animal Crossing update: bought the Valentine’s Day items + new reactions. Still taking care of my island one area at a time.
  • My tamagotchi is doing alright. Sometimes I forget to check, but I remembered before watching the news.
  • I’ve gotta study more this week. My end goal is my certification before the summer!!!

Well, that was my day. I hope y’all had a nice one. It’s raining again. Always nice to be indoors during this time.

Good night.