Day 343.

Happy Thursday! Where did the week go?! It’s pretty much the weekend.

  • Highlight of the day: ordering in! We tried Dumpling Time for the first time. And then we had In-N-Out for dinner. 😋 Foodie for life.
  • I was supposed to tidy up before the weekend, but I’m dealing with lower back tightness and discomfort. I’m not sure why. 😞😭 Maybe I need to stretch?
  • I took a nap and a Tylenol to forget about the discomfort.
  • Animal Crossing update: Bob is packed up and ready to go. I’ll miss him! Time to look for a new villager. Leif is in town so I sold some weeds.
  • It felt nice sleeping with my new sheets and comforter! I love the color scheme. Reversible prints ftw!!
  • I’ve been watching this Filipino teleserye – the house arrest of us. One of my fave love teams is in it! Yay Daniel and Kathryn!! 💗 I’m enjoying it.
  • I’m trying to rest up so I can be ready for the festivities this weekend. 🥳

That was my day. Very mellow! Hope y’all had a nice one.

Good night.