Day 284.

Happy Monday! Here’s to the first week of holiday break. It’s going well so far.

I stayed up playing Animal Crossing. What’s new?! The gamble wasn’t the greatest. I found one holiday DIY recipe. I found another a few hours ago. The spawn rate isn’t very high. What’s worked for me: play a little, save my progress, recharge, and start again. A balloon present usually shows up fairly quickly.

The rest of my Monday consisted of writing holiday cards (I’m nowhere near done!), ordered my meds, and then got ready for my PFTs. I hope my results are good. I got a little lightheaded breathing in and out completely. After I finished, I treated myself to a decaf white chocolate mocha and a birthday cake pop. It’s the little things! 🥰 I also got to look at the GGB from afar.

Ordered some of our fave comfort foods. 2020 is winding down and I’m really hopeful for 2021! I’m currently listening to *NSync’s Christmas album. We’re planning on watching Bohemian Rhapsody before bed tonight. I also need to wrap some presents and send them on their way. Excited to wrap my family’s gifts too. The tree is still a little bare. 😬 And some packages will be arriving after Christmas. That’s expected.

The highlight of my day: my brwngrlz earrings arrived today! I’m totally going to rock them. Woo! 🌞

It’s going to be very busy these next few days, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m looking forward to cleaning, donating, and possibly posting some items online. That all depends on how productive I want to be. Lol!

Hope y’all had a nice one. 4 more days until Christmas!!!! 🎄

Good night.