Day 281.

My first day of Christmas break was wonderful. I was able to sleep in for a bit, but had to get up for my COVID test at the drive-thru site. Got my results a few hours ago: negative! 😄

Bought boba for the fam as a treat and we ordered lunch at one of our favorite restaurants. Yay!

Animal Crossing update: Made my first Snowboy and decided to move the tailors shop. Yay! Lots of changes on my island.

Afterwards, I watched Muriel’s Wedding with Mom. She loved the movie! It’s so funny and I love the cast. I’ve only seen it twice. I’ll have to watch it again very soon. I’m planning on watching more movies during break.

Got some goodies in the mail. Must write my Xmas cards and send them out soon. The latest will probably be Monday or Tuesday.

Currently watching The Life and Death of Princess Diana. I was fortunate enough to visit Kensington Palace last year. It was beautiful! Still one of the world’s greatest tragedies. RIP Princess Diana. 🤍

Well, I wish you all a happy weekend! Take care and be safe.

Good night.