Day 271.

It’s Tuesday!! It was a busy one for me, but all went well. I had my driving lesson before work and then I left early to pick up my new night guard. The fit was perfect! No need to adjust or shave down.

Back to my driving lesson – I still have some things to work on, but I’m making progress! I’m definitely regaining my confidence. I know I’m a safe driver. Hoping to schedule another lesson in January. And then maybe I’ll be good to go on my own in February!! 😁

I bought some greeting cards and snacks at Walgreens. I’m planning to mail out cards this weekend! I just need my holiday stamps. I bought some rubber stamps to add some pizzazz to my handwritten notes and cards.

Gotta take care of scheduling an appointment tomorrow. Thankfully I was able to order my meds first thing this morning. Should arrive on Friday.

Animal Crossing update: Celeste paid Mango a visit! Still no sign of snow. And I’m waiting for the holiday DIYs. Come on!!!

Well, this is good night. Take care!