Day 277.

The holiday countdown is on. Three more days! Happy Monday!! 😄

I’ve been cold for most of the day. I didn’t wear enough layers at work. I’m paying for it now. 🥶 Speaking of work, we’re now in new spaces. It might change come 2021, but I’ll take it for now. The hills are too much for me so I’m glad I can catch my breath.

I also distributed holiday gifts to my coworkers and boss! It always makes me happy. I love giving to my community.

I got home in time to join a Zoom meeting for Sacred Grief & The Divine Masculine. Glad I was able to attend! I learned some new knowledge. 💕

I’m pretty tired today since my sleep was disturbed. Ahh! I’m hoping to sleep early tonight. Before I fell asleep again, I played some Animal Crossing! I need to chop down some trees. Must find the snowballs! ⛄️ Goose has officially moved out. Bonbon will be moving in shortly.

Well, that was my day. I’m currently watching The Shot about the research and study of the COVID vaccine. Yay science!!!

Hope y’all had a nice one. Take care!

Good night.