Day 275.

I love Saturdays!!! I got to sleep in and it was amazing. I woke up in time to greet the postman and retrieve our packages. Our Stoggles are finally here!!! I can’t wait to rock them on Monday. 😎🥽 Super cute and fashionable.

Rewatched Meet John Doe. Old movies are awesome! Before that I placed a delivery order for See’s. Christmas goodies for family, friends, and colleagues!! I love their chocolate. Their offerings are limited. I miss my faves – scotchmallow and scotch kisses. So good!

I took a nap afterwards. I needed to rest up before my community event at 5pm. It was a film screening of Hinga by Sammay and a community celebration followed after the Q&A from the cast. I’m so glad I made time to attend. I love supporting my FilAm community. ❤️

I spent about two hours editing pictures for my BFF. Her mom needs a 2×2 photo for work. It’s been a while since I edited. I kinda had to reteach myself. I’m currently using Affinity. I’ll get the hang of it again.

Just played some Animal Crossing and caught the last of Jeopardy. I gave away the last of my turnips to Penelope. My island is doing okay. I need to revamp some areas. Need to pay off my log staircase!!! I want it ready for Christmas.

Well, that was my day! Oh yeah, I drank some moscato and took half a shot for my Lola. It’s her birthday tomorrow as well as my cousin, Jekah. I miss our extended family! I can’t believe it’s been a year since we gathered for a huge celebration for Lola. Take me back to 2019!

Lastly, Happy Birthday to my friend, Romina!! I miss our college days. 💙💛

Take care and good night!