Day 67.

Animal Crossing rules! I stayed up to play at 5am. That’s when the day resets. I decided to make an Instagram dedicated to my island. I want to chronicle my progress. 🙂 I’m so excited to post.

I washed dishes, swept the front, and helped with the compost. I made some decent progress today. I had my mask on too. It’s important! 😷

I took a nap from 6:30pm-9pm. I didn’t have the best night’s sleep. I felt a bit refreshed.

I had Wingstop leftovers for dinner. Garlic Parmesan and lemon pepper are my fave flavors! I also had a side of veggies. Made myself an ice cream sandwich: chocolate chip cookies & birthday cake ice cream from C.R.E.A.M. So good! 😋

Tonight I had a good cry. It stems from my own insecurities. I try to be positive despite my personal circumstances but I hate when people doubt me. I dislike the discouraging thoughts. I wish more people would be encouraging. Encouragement goes a long way. Sending good messages will help me feel better. It’s healthy. I’ve also dealt with anxiety. Doing my very best with this life. I believe in myself! 💜 That’s all that matters.

Planning to practice the uke in a bit, exercise, and play Animal Crossing again.

And Happy Birthday to you, Sunny! One of my fave Thai actors. 🥰🥳🍰

Hope you all had a nice Monday! Take care.

Good night.


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