Day 51.

Animal Crossing! Another villager has made my island their home. It’s so fun meeting new folks. I even got to hang out with my BFF Jamie for a bit. That was fun. I’ve attached my screen cap. I’m on the left. 🙂

Stomach issues are still lingering. I ate what I could today. I’m currently having soup.

We watched a bit of How to Deal. We’ll finish it later.

I fell asleep for a few hours. I dreamt I was in High School Musical. LOL! I needed the rest.

When I’m done with this entry, I gotta practice my uke. And then we’re going to play scene it and trivial pursuit. Gonna speak it into existence: I need my first W!!!! I know I can do it. 😎

Hope your Saturdays went well. ☮️❤️

Good night.