Day 62.

Animal Crossing is taking over my life. I’m finally at a 3 star rating for my island. Yay! 😊 I was super happy when I found out. I’m currently waiting for shooting stars. It’s taking a while. Hopefully I see one or a couple.

Practiced my uke. I have to remain consistent even after finishing the 30 day challenge. It’s important to set aside time and that’s what I’ve been doing. Somewhere Over The Rainbow is one of my fave songs. I’m really glad I’m learning it. ❤️

Where is the week going? Time is flying.

I didn’t get to nap so I hope I can get a good night’s sleep. It’ll be a busy day tomorrow since we get to visit family real quick. And maybe a small grocery run.

It was a mellow day for me. A lot of self care and thinking.

Hope you all had a good one. Take care!

Good night.