Day 79.

I watched My Neighbor Totoro before bed. I liked it! I must watch Hayao Miyazaki’s other films. Totoro is so cute!!

Today was rough. My stomach issues from yesterday carried over. 😔 I slept some of it off, but my stomach started hurting later on in the day. I ate a little bit, but it kinda made it worse.

I played Animal Crossing as soon as I woke up. My island rating went up since our new villager moved in. And the store will be renovated so no shopping for a day or two.

I practiced yoga again today. It’s only a 30 minute session, but it’s helping me with my flexibility, breathing, and meditating. I’ve been quite anxious as of late so I have an outlet to release. I’m also restarting my weight loss journey. I can!

Unsolved Mysteries has been on loop at home. So many old episodes that I remember but also a lot of new ones.

Hoping to sleep early tonight. We’ll see. I want to practice my uke too.

Good night.