Day 56.

Decent night’s sleep. I’m slowly improving. I woke up a little early since I was waiting for my brother’s delivery. And I also wanted to play Animal Crossing. I finally have bamboo planted on my island! I knew it’d pay off if I waited to visit an island later in the day. 🤩 Hurrah!

I decided to practice my uke out on our deck today. It was nice to sit there with the sun shining and it was a bit windy. It was peaceful until my sister and I saw a yellowjacket! 😫 We rushed inside.

I practiced enough and decided to tackle some dishes. Best chore ever! 🙂 Listened to Piano Man and a bunch of oldies on repeat while I did that.

I had a late lunch. Tamales! We got them from Costco. Supposedly they aren’t available anymore. Why?!!! I also got to watch some of the news. So many happy stories and then some that are really heartbreaking. 😭💔

Had to nap. I slept for 2.5 hours. The heat makes me tired. It was 69 today I think.

Spam and eggs for dinner. Yay! Played another round of Animal Crossing just now. And I want candy. 😜 I had some chocolate earlier. Cadbury is the best.

We’re about to play Trivial Pursuit. Yeahhh!!! I’m ready.

That was my Thursday. Hope your days went well. Take care!

Good night.