Day 57.

I have completed the 30 day uke challenge! I made it!!! It’s been so much fun learning these last few weeks. Now I plan to brush up on what I’ve learned and memorize songs. It’s bittersweet but the uke has helped me through these tough times. I recorded a bit of my strumming and sent it to our BFF. Affirmation! I just need to be patient with myself and confident. It does wonders. ❤️

I slept okay. I played Animal Crossing first thing in the morning. Priorities. Lol. Paid off my first loan in the game. Onto another one. My house will be bigger tomorrow. Yay for the expansion!

I ordered Mother’s Day gifts. I hope they arrive in time. Fingers crossed.

Played a round of Scene It. Didn’t get the W. I was pretty close. I finished in 2nd. That final clip was something. I will eventually be 1st in due time.

After our game I decided to nap. It was a warm day today so that made me a little tired.

Watched 20/20 tonight and it made me sad. Why are people so cruel? I’ll never understand.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the weekend. Hope you all had a wonderful Friday. Take care!

Good night.