Day 68.

Farewell to Specialty’s! It was one of my favorite downtown spots for after work cookies and treats. You’ll be missed! ❤️🍪

Staying asleep has been a struggle this week. Too many sleep disturbances. I’m going to do my best to normalize my routine. Trying to be very hopeful right now despite the pandemic.

Terraforming is owning me right now on Animal Crossing. I’m brainstorming what to do with parts of my island. I need more nook miles and bells. So far it’s going alright.

Uke practice! I played Somewhere Over The Rainbow again. I’m getting it down.

Watched The Simpsons in the afternoon. The old episodes are the best.

That was pretty much my day. I took a nap too. We had Panda Express for dinner. Our dog also went to the vet for her checkup and nail clip. We also bathed the dogs. Yay! They both smell like lavender.

That was my Tuesday. Hope you’re all well.

Good night.


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