Day 59.

Happy Mother’s Day! I hope you all had a lovely day. Some of my favorite memories with Mom: stepping on leaves after preschool when we would walk home, sharing a meal together, watching tv or movies, traveling especially to London, Paris, and Vancouver. Thank you for always being supportive and encouraging me when I’m feeling down. I love you! You’re everything. ❤️

And to all the many maternal figures in my life: thank you for raising me into the woman I am today. I always reflect and remember everything that y’all have given me. Sending so much love today – here on earth and in the heavens above. 💕💐

I slept in. I needed it badly. I was able to get my day going after I woke up.

I left the house for the first time in weeks. It felt nice, but also very foreign. Seeing familiar places gave me comfort. We dropped off cookies at our relatives house. It was a short walk. It was great to see everyone even if it was for 10 minutes. Afterwards we went home. Everyone enjoyed the cookies. Yay! We didn’t get to see our other relatives. Maybe soon? I miss them. I got to talk to our grandma real quick on the phone. I wish I could hug her.

We had burgers for lunch. Always the best! Thankful for delivery. And then we ordered ice cream too. Watched a few episodes of The Simpsons. Classic!

I played a little uke today. Still practicing the songs I want to master.

I took a quick nap. Feeling a bit refreshed. Played Animal Crossing for a few hours today. One of my villagers is moving out. 😭 I didn’t know that could happen, but I get it. Farewell, Chevre!

Hoping to turn in early. But we shall see. I need to catch up on some of my shows.

Have a great week! Take care.

Good night.