Day 66.

Happy Sunday! 🧡

It was a chill day. I got a decent amount of sleep. Played Animal Crossing right away. 😁 I built this zen area on my island. I’m trying to be more creative so I’m working with what I’ve got. I’m hoping to expand some more eventually.

We had Wingstop for lunch. Everything was boneless. I enjoy the crunch from each tender. They only gave us ranch so we were without bleu cheese. 😞 Still good anyway.

I took a nice long nap. I felt really sleepy and sluggish after lunch. I waited to digest and then I napped. I woke up a half hour late. And I missed the new Simpsons episode. Maybe it’s on demand or something.

Practiced my uke. I think I can get Somewhere Over The Rainbow down by the end of the month. I’ve got two weeks!

Decided to treat myself to an Animal Crossing pouch and this plastic case. Looking forward to putting it on. I think my Switch will look great. 🙂

Well, that was my Sunday. I just danced a bit to close my exercise ring and to get my body moving. I think I’m due for a yoga session. I’m aiming for more productivity this week.

Good night and take care!


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