Day 58.

Sleep was okay. I had an anxiety attack before bed. It made it hard for me to sleep. I had to do some breathing exercises. I eventually fell asleep for a few hours.

I was anxious for the cookie delivery. It was delivered on time. Whew. We’ll figure out how to distribute them tomorrow.

My Animal Crossing house renovation was a success! There’s more room for items and fixtures. Must pay off this current loan to expand once again. I’m making a lot of great progress. AC keeps me on my toes.

Lunch was delicious. Thanks to the sister! She ordered Greek food for us. Always satisfying.

I’m still practicing the uke. After concluding the 30 day challenge, I’ve decided to keep going. I know I need work with chord changes and challenging myself to not look down at the fretboard. I practiced a bit of that this afternoon. I can do about 4 chords. Practice and patience is my motto. Thanks, Dad! I want to get I’m Yours down and Winter Things. Love that song.

I didn’t get to nap today so I’m a little cranky. Hoping to sleep pretty soon. I’m looking forward to seeing some relatives tomorrow even if it’s from a distance. I miss them all so much! ❤️

Hope everyone had a great Saturday. Take good care!

Sweet dreams.