Day 72.

A fairly productive day. 👍🏼

I spent my afternoon watching Sex and the City with my sisters. It’s one of our favorite shows. E! was having a marathon, but we decided to watch on HBO Now. Still so funny after all these years.

I tried to clean, but I was distracted with Animal Crossing. Jamie and I played together for a bit. I still want to do more with my island, but I don’t know where to start. I’m a little frustrated. 😬 But I will not compare my island. This is my first go at the game. I think I’m doing alright.

Had Taco Bell for dinner. Yum. A family favorite.

Dealing with my time of the month. I’m in pain at the moment. It’ll be like this for the next few days. Normalize periods! But hey, on the bright side I’m safe at home and can deal with the pain in peace. Lol. #crampssuck

I took a long nap. I’m a bit groggy, but that’ll subside soon. Planning to play a bit more Animal Crossing and practice my uke. 🙂

And that was my Saturday. I really want 🍫🍪🍭. Yaaaas.

Good night. 💜