Day 139.

Happy Wednesday! It’s almost the weekend. Can’t wait. I’m sad to see July go, but I’m ready for August. Lots of revamping. Yay!!!

I was quite tired today. My sleep has been up and down. I’m trying to normalize it. SIP has been tough to navigate. I woke up from my nap about 45 minutes ago. Days are repetitive so I do my best to change it up. I really want to start doing yoga again. I was so consistent back in June. 😞 I’m being patient with myself.

The highlight of my day was cooking with my sisters. I contributed my peeling potatoes and cooking rice. We made adobo! So good. I love Filipino food. 😋

Animal Crossing update: Pascal gave me the DIY recipe for the mermaid dresser. I’m getting close to the entire collection. And the new update for fireworks, dream sequence, and so much more is being released tomorrow! Some folks have already had it for a few hours. I’ll just wait until midnight.

I’m dealing with some anxiety, but I know I’ll work through it. Discomfort is real, but it’s how we grow. Our comfort zones are cool, but it’s too safe. Although 2020 has been something, it’s good to challenge ourselves! I’m still brainstorming about what online class I want to offer in the Fall. I’ll get there.

I also renewed my Flickr account. It hasn’t been active since January? So confusing. Glad it’s reactivated. I back up my pictures on there.

Giants win! 🖤🧡 It was a walk off. Thanks Yaz!! Our offense is showing up. It’s nice to see. I watched for a few innings and then I took my nap. Lol.

That was my day. Hope yours went well. Take care!

Good night.


Day 101.

Happy Father’s Day! Love you, Dad. ❤️

My sleep was terrible last night. My anxiety kept me up again. That’s okay though. I watched Dear White People until I fell asleep. Netflix FTW!

I ordered an Animal Crossing pin from a college friend. She’s so talented! I bought the Celeste pin. An ode to Sailor Moon. 🌙

I’m still all up in my feelings. I finally did a round a yoga after a week off. It was tough, but I survived. The stretches and other exercises I usually do afterwards I decided to do in the beginning. I had to change it up. It’ll be a mellow day for me tomorrow.

Animal Crossing update: I almost caught a scorpion today. No luck. I’ll try again tomorrow. I’ve got Christmas decor now thanks to the BFF. Too funny. She time traveled. 😜 Still paying off that loan.

Just practiced my uke. I needed a refresher for Stand By Me. I remember it again.

That was my Sunday. I hope you all had a great day. Here’s to a new week! Take care. 💕

Good night.


Day 90.

I was very restless before bed. I eventually fell asleep before 6am I think. A lot has been on my mind. My anxiety has skyrocketed, but I’m trying to breathe through it and not panic.

Our dog woke me up so I was awake by 10am. Played some Animal Crossing before I got up. I decided to make breakfast for the fam. I’ve been wanting to make mochi pancakes since the shelter in place. The recipe was easy to follow. It was delicious! We’ll definitely make it again. 😋

Watched a bit of TV and then I took a much needed nap. Afterwards, I got up to practice yoga and wash some dishes.

I assisted with dinner and we decided to go with comfort food! I don’t feel too bad since I had a good balance of fruits and veggies. My kencko smoothies are helping me. I feel healthier. 🙂

Played a few rounds of Trivial Pursuit. I wasn’t victorious tonight, but it was still a lot of fun.

Now I’m blogging to remember this day. I just finished practicing my uke. Made some errors with the song, but I eventually want to record myself for family and friends.

Just doing my best to stay optimistic during this uncertain time. California will be open again very soon. Maybe that’s what’s making me so anxious. Ahh!

I hope you all had a nice Wednesday. Take care!

Good night.


Day 88.

Happy Birthday to our dear cousin, Maria! We miss you so much. Maybe that explains my dream yesterday. I was somewhere with family and I saw a picture of her. Until we meet again. ❤️

Mondays are hard. I stayed up to watch Muriel’s Wedding and I slept in. I loved the movie and the music. 😊 My usual routine. But it’s a wake up call this week since more businesses and buildings will be reopening. Part of me is worrying, but the other part is telling me that all will be okay. It’s been so long since I’ve been outside for long periods of time. I will still remain cautious. Social distancing is important! Wearing a mask is too. So please make good choices.

I practiced yoga much earlier than other days. I wanted to take advantage of the sunshine. My kencko order also came in. I drank two packets today. I really like the packet with strawberries. You can put water, milk, or a nondairy alternative. It’s a mix of fruit and veggies. Healthy smoothies! I’ll monitor my progress.

Watched Unsolved Mysteries. The stories were so sad. 😭💔 I enjoy the pleasant episodes.

Played Animal Crossing. I still haven’t cut the trees down on my island. I’ll get to it later this week. Just practiced my uke. It helps to keep my fingers loose and ready each time. Still enjoy playing it. It’s such a cool instrument!

Will be much more productive tomorrow. I hope. I ate fairly well today. I did have a little bit of gummy candy. 🙂

That was my Monday. Take care!

Good night.


Day 85.

It was a busy but fun filled Animal Crossing day! I got to visit my friends islands. It’s all so cute. I need to revamp Mango. It’s tedious, but I’ll eventually get around to doing it. Little by little it’ll get done.

I made myself brunch today – a spinach and cheese omelette. It was really good. I’ll probably make another one on Sunday or something. I also made a cup of decaf English breakfast tea.

We watched a bit of Blast from the Past. Such a good movie! Love the cast.

Practiced my uke. It’s a daily thing now. I never forget. I want to learn new songs. I’m feeling more confident now.

I exercised today too. Yoga and the ab roller. It can be a challenge sometimes, but I keep going. I don’t want anything to stop me. Despite my chronic conditions, I believe I can do anything. It’s at my own pace. Exercising helps my mood.

TGIF! I’m looking forward to the weekend. ❤️

Lastly, Happy Birthday to Breonna Taylor! 👑 #BlackLivesMatter #JusticeforBre

Good night.


Day 82.

My yoga session yesterday took me out today. My upper body is very sore. I wanted to close my rings tonight on my watch, but we shall see. It hurts to move. I need 22 more minutes of exercise.

It was a warm day in SF. It hit 81 in the neighborhood. The cool down starts on Thursday.

I’m so sleepy right now. I would nap, but it’s so close to bedtime. It’s hard to keep my eyes open. Ahh!

Practiced my uke after a few episodes of Unsolved Mysteries. I cleaned a bit today too. Most of it was recycling and shredding old papers.

I played some Animal Crossing too. I’m hoping one of my villagers moves out. Might be a while. I haven’t caught a shark yet. Maybe tomorrow! All the new bugs on the island are really cool.

Well, that was my day. Hope your Tuesday was great.

Good night.


Day 79.

I watched My Neighbor Totoro before bed. I liked it! I must watch Hayao Miyazaki’s other films. Totoro is so cute!!

Today was rough. My stomach issues from yesterday carried over. 😔 I slept some of it off, but my stomach started hurting later on in the day. I ate a little bit, but it kinda made it worse.

I played Animal Crossing as soon as I woke up. My island rating went up since our new villager moved in. And the store will be renovated so no shopping for a day or two.

I practiced yoga again today. It’s only a 30 minute session, but it’s helping me with my flexibility, breathing, and meditating. I’ve been quite anxious as of late so I have an outlet to release. I’m also restarting my weight loss journey. I can!

Unsolved Mysteries has been on loop at home. So many old episodes that I remember but also a lot of new ones.

Hoping to sleep early tonight. We’ll see. I want to practice my uke too.

Good night.


Day 23.

I slept a lot. That doesn’t change. Lol. But I did switch things up today. I decided to practice some yoga. I haven’t done it in months so the first session after a while is always the hardest. Proud to say I survived! I had to slow down in the middle of my practice, but I was able to complete the 30 minutes! I also did some more stretching and my core exercises. Progress. ☺️💪🏼

Watched another episode of Kim’s Convenience. It’s so funny! Watched The Social Network before bed too. It gave me a lot of new insight. My mind was blown. Trust is at the center of everything. You don’t have that, you have nothing.

I’m glad I’ve been blogging since the shelter in place. I feel like I’m growing throughout this process. It hasn’t been easy, but it’s all about perspective. I’m very blessed and fortunate. Sometimes I don’t always see that. I can be stubborn. I’m thankful for my family even when we don’t always see eye to eye. It’s all about communication and understanding. Patience most definitely too.

I’d like to finally watch Onward tonight. I hear it’s a good movie.

I’m gonna call it a night. Hope you all had a nice Saturday! It’s raining over here, but it’s peaceful. Later!