Day 88.

Happy Birthday to our dear cousin, Maria! We miss you so much. Maybe that explains my dream yesterday. I was somewhere with family and I saw a picture of her. Until we meet again. ❤️

Mondays are hard. I stayed up to watch Muriel’s Wedding and I slept in. I loved the movie and the music. 😊 My usual routine. But it’s a wake up call this week since more businesses and buildings will be reopening. Part of me is worrying, but the other part is telling me that all will be okay. It’s been so long since I’ve been outside for long periods of time. I will still remain cautious. Social distancing is important! Wearing a mask is too. So please make good choices.

I practiced yoga much earlier than other days. I wanted to take advantage of the sunshine. My kencko order also came in. I drank two packets today. I really like the packet with strawberries. You can put water, milk, or a nondairy alternative. It’s a mix of fruit and veggies. Healthy smoothies! I’ll monitor my progress.

Watched Unsolved Mysteries. The stories were so sad. 😭💔 I enjoy the pleasant episodes.

Played Animal Crossing. I still haven’t cut the trees down on my island. I’ll get to it later this week. Just practiced my uke. It helps to keep my fingers loose and ready each time. Still enjoy playing it. It’s such a cool instrument!

Will be much more productive tomorrow. I hope. I ate fairly well today. I did have a little bit of gummy candy. 🙂

That was my Monday. Take care!

Good night.


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