Day 101.

Happy Father’s Day! Love you, Dad. ❤️

My sleep was terrible last night. My anxiety kept me up again. That’s okay though. I watched Dear White People until I fell asleep. Netflix FTW!

I ordered an Animal Crossing pin from a college friend. She’s so talented! I bought the Celeste pin. An ode to Sailor Moon. 🌙

I’m still all up in my feelings. I finally did a round a yoga after a week off. It was tough, but I survived. The stretches and other exercises I usually do afterwards I decided to do in the beginning. I had to change it up. It’ll be a mellow day for me tomorrow.

Animal Crossing update: I almost caught a scorpion today. No luck. I’ll try again tomorrow. I’ve got Christmas decor now thanks to the BFF. Too funny. She time traveled. 😜 Still paying off that loan.

Just practiced my uke. I needed a refresher for Stand By Me. I remember it again.

That was my Sunday. I hope you all had a great day. Here’s to a new week! Take care. 💕

Good night.


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