Day 82.

My yoga session yesterday took me out today. My upper body is very sore. I wanted to close my rings tonight on my watch, but we shall see. It hurts to move. I need 22 more minutes of exercise.

It was a warm day in SF. It hit 81 in the neighborhood. The cool down starts on Thursday.

I’m so sleepy right now. I would nap, but it’s so close to bedtime. It’s hard to keep my eyes open. Ahh!

Practiced my uke after a few episodes of Unsolved Mysteries. I cleaned a bit today too. Most of it was recycling and shredding old papers.

I played some Animal Crossing too. I’m hoping one of my villagers moves out. Might be a while. I haven’t caught a shark yet. Maybe tomorrow! All the new bugs on the island are really cool.

Well, that was my day. Hope your Tuesday was great.

Good night.


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