Day 193.

Happy Monday! Today would’ve been Laki’s 20th Birthday. I miss him so much. He was one of the sweetest dogs ever. Happy Birthday! 💛🐶 We made mochi pancakes for him. So good!

I slept in. I was tired. I watched Before Sunrise before bed. I loved it! Planning to watch the 2nd film in the series later on this week. A young Ethan Hawke! Great casting.

So some good news. The sister and I were rocking out to One Direction! Then a text from him appears. I haven’t read it. Anxiety…lol. It’s almost been three days since I heard from him. We’re friends, but like I’m interested. And I don’t know where he stands. This pandemic makes everything more awkward and weird. So that’s where I’m at right now. Stay tuned. 🙃

We had Taco Bell in honor of Laki. Hurrah!

Niners injuries have been confirmed. Bosa and Thomas are out – torn ACLs. 😭 I’ll miss seeing them out there. Get well soon! ❤️💛

I still gotta exercise. I can’t nap since I have an important doctor’s appointment tomorrow. I’m looking forward to seeing my medical team and update them about my life. 💜

Giants are losing to the Rockies. Oh well. Let’s do better the rest of the home stand. Postseason or bust. Lol.

Hoping to be more productive this week. Animal Crossing has been okay. I sold a bunch of fish to C.J. today.

Time to work out. Listening to BLACKPINK to get me pumped.

Have a good night!


Day 4.

Today officially starts my two weeks off from work. Sigh. I miss working, but it’s for the best.

I left the house today for a short time. I had to go to the lab to get my bloodwork done. No one was at the lab. Not typical for a Monday. 😬 It was nice to leave the house for a bit.

Shelter-in-place has been ordered for San Francisco. The twin and I will not be able to leave unless it’s for essential business, such as our doctor’s appointments. Social distancing is important! I will continue to emphasize that. Please do it for the greater good, especially for the vulnerable populations. Please be safe and well!

3/16 isn’t an easy day. Three years ago, our dog passed away. I always reflect and remember him. He was a loyal companion. He’ll never be forgotten. We love you, Laki! 💛

Taking it easy for now. I’m going to make a list of things to watch and read. Time to tackle that. I also want to clean and organize. Hoping for a nice and mellow week. But it’s tough trying to make ends meet for me personally. My anxiety is through the roof.

Take care!


Farewell to 2017!


Laki. ❤

I loved and I lost. That sums up 2017 for me. I had to turn multiple pages and start anew. Change is scary, but absolutely necessary for growth.

I won’t have a month by month log of everything that happened this year. To be honest, I was so hopeful in January. I was looking forward to a lot, especially my 30th year. Everything seemed possible. February rolls around and Bianca was dealing with so much. It was up and down for the family. And maybe we were all preoccupied with that which is super important, but also realizing Laki was growing weak too. I held on for as long as I could. I really did. I believe he did too.

When Laki passed, nothing else mattered to me. I got a rude awakening myself in terms of my health and had to let go. After March ended, I don’t remember much. I was grieving for quite some time. Isolation was necessary for me. Everything was quite a blur. I slowly began to pick the pieces up and start again. I didn’t look back after April ended. It was time to take care of myself!

Summer was a period of relaxation. I had so much time and I’m grateful for that. I found my motivation. I landed a new position come August. I took that jump! And I’m glad I did. I’m surrounded by awesome and supportive co-workers. I’m so appreciative of them. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

February still sticks out in my mind. I got to go to Vegas and hang with the BFF for our birthdays. Unfortunately, Bianca was unable to join us. We gotta plan the next trip (you’ll be there, Bianca!!). We stayed in the Aria, eating at the buffet, dining at momofuku + milk bar, playing some games at the casino, etc. We all need fun! More traveling needs to be done in 2018.

I’m still hopeful for the New Year. 2018, I’m ready. Wishing you all a Happy 2018! Enjoy the night.

With love,


P.S. Thank you, Houston Astros! 🙂

#TBT: Pals forever.


From the archive.

So many dog photos, but I love it! This was after work one day. I was super tired and cold. The living room is always eventful and this photo is an example of it. Laki loved being everywhere, especially the futon with endless blankets. What a dog! His personality doesn’t compare. So silly.

I miss him all the time. It’s approaching 9 months. So many happy memories. I will always cherish those.

I hope you all had a great Thursday! Where did the week go?

Sleep well.


#TBT: Laki, 2014.


Today marks eight months since you went away. There isn’t a day when we don’t think of you! Laki (luh-key) was a very special dog. I loved to call him little brother, little man, and my shadow. He followed everyone, but he and I had a special connection. I was very overprotective of him, partly because he was quite small in stature. He was our first male dog. He loved taking naps and sitting on everyone’s laps while we did our homework.

His name came from the Tagalog word malaki which means big. But since he was small, the name fit perfectly. Our dad came up with his name. We had some trouble deciding, but what do you expect from teenagers. Indecisive! Lol.

I miss you every day, Laki. I hope you’re enjoying the great big sky. May there always be treats, lots of food, and comfy blankets around you.

I love you always.