Day 275.

I love Saturdays!!! I got to sleep in and it was amazing. I woke up in time to greet the postman and retrieve our packages. Our Stoggles are finally here!!! I can’t wait to rock them on Monday. 😎🥽 Super cute and fashionable.

Rewatched Meet John Doe. Old movies are awesome! Before that I placed a delivery order for See’s. Christmas goodies for family, friends, and colleagues!! I love their chocolate. Their offerings are limited. I miss my faves – scotchmallow and scotch kisses. So good!

I took a nap afterwards. I needed to rest up before my community event at 5pm. It was a film screening of Hinga by Sammay and a community celebration followed after the Q&A from the cast. I’m so glad I made time to attend. I love supporting my FilAm community. ❤️

I spent about two hours editing pictures for my BFF. Her mom needs a 2×2 photo for work. It’s been a while since I edited. I kinda had to reteach myself. I’m currently using Affinity. I’ll get the hang of it again.

Just played some Animal Crossing and caught the last of Jeopardy. I gave away the last of my turnips to Penelope. My island is doing okay. I need to revamp some areas. Need to pay off my log staircase!!! I want it ready for Christmas.

Well, that was my day! Oh yeah, I drank some moscato and took half a shot for my Lola. It’s her birthday tomorrow as well as my cousin, Jekah. I miss our extended family! I can’t believe it’s been a year since we gathered for a huge celebration for Lola. Take me back to 2019!

Lastly, Happy Birthday to my friend, Romina!! I miss our college days. 💙💛

Take care and good night!


Day 182.

I didn’t do much today. Happy Thursday! I’m glad it’s almost the weekend. I need to recollect myself badly. 🙃

I’m really digging Julie and the Phantoms on Netflix. It dropped today. I’m already in the middle of s1. The cast is great!

I’m about to exercise in a bit. I opened Snapchat earlier today and it was a baseball memory! A year ago today I was at Oracle Park. I miss going to sporting events. I’m a little torn right now with a life decision. Not sure what to do! 😭 I’ll figure it out.

Animal Crossing update: nothing new. Still paying off my loan. Forgot to buy the cool washer at the store. Oh well. Maybe it’ll be back in a few weeks?

Giants lose in SD. Winning streak snapped. Pablo was DFA’d. I’m so sad about that. He’ll always be a Giants legend. Thanks for the memories, Pablo! You did well, kid. 🖤🧡

Btw Saweetie’s recent post on IG and Twitter made me cackle. I was so entertained. 🇵🇭❤️😆!

Time to work! If I’m feeling ambitious, I might study. If not, I can shelve it for tomorrow.

Good night.



This is a reminder for me. I’m just going to leave this here. Thank you, Ruby! ❤️


A Letter to Filipina Women 

Dear Sister,

I know I’m biased, but I think you are one of the most beautiful women in the world. You and I come from bronze sunsets and islands, of banana leaves and sampaguitas, your grace innate like the waves of the Pacific charting your way back home.

And as you know, the Filipina woman is one magnificent creature. (Yes, go ahead and brush those shoulders off, sis.)  🙂
We are vulnerable and brave, headstrong and persistent, protective and committed to our family and those we love. We grew up knowing how to share our clothes, our food, and our time, taught by tradition that family is first and our most cherished treasure. We extend that love and protection to our cousins and friends, who we openly call our Ates and Kuyas, our brothers and sisters. We come from a culture of family and community, of inclusion and acceptance, and because of this, we’ve mastered the art of hospitality and welcome.

And yet, we know that family can sometimes be a challenge for us too, wanting to please others before ourselves, putting others first. We are taught to sacrifice for the sake of tradition, teetering us off balance as we try and find footing amidst American soil and Philippine roots, trying to find sense of home. We’re taught to silence a lot of our own needs, to view personal needs as secondary and unimportant, following passions as irrational, and dreaming as unreasonable and impractical.

And yet, here we are, pioneering a new generation of empowered Filipinas, launching fashion lines, becoming political leaders, crusading as community organizers, starring in movie roles, dancing on stages of Broadway theaters, running music labels, all the while keeping our culture and courage intact. And I’m fortunate enough to say this is a first hand truth, because I am blessed to be surrounded by those strong Filipina women, holding down their communities from New York to London, from Paris to San Francisco, and inevitably, from Manila to Davao.

It is our time, sisters. And it is our time to find our way back home.

Don’t forget the country that birthed you, the history that is at the core of your truth. Seek your way back to the nation that gave you the black of your hair, the brown of your skin, the gold of your heart. The Philippines is calling sis. She is waiting for you with open arms, welcoming you just as she taught us how. Look to your community to find home.

Lastly, I want you to remember this: the love of a Filipina woman is a force to be reckoned with. We know how to love, deep, true, and real. Filipina women love hard, and we love whole. Any person fortunate enough to have experienced the love of a Filipina woman knows it is not to be taken lightly, but a treasure to be coveted and nurtured. Our strong belief in family and in God transcends our love to levels beyond the imaginable. Use your love wise, and be selective in who you give it to. Protect your love, and most of all, give much of it to yourself. Love yourself whole and complete, knowing that loving self is the root of our ability to give ourselves to the world. You can’t make a difference outside if you haven’t healed yourself within. So indulge, sis, and when you’re ready, share it intently and generously.

You, Filipina women, my sisters, are among the most beautiful in the world. My wish for you is to know your incredible power and own it. It is an honor to be among you.

With love and admiration,