Day 374.

My bracket is pretty much done. It’ll take a miracle to even get 1st or 2nd. 🙃 That’s why it’s not a very happy Sunday for me.

  • Highlight of the day: Visiting our Lola! I’m really glad we got to see her. She’s the best!!! We kept our distance, but we were able to chat via video. 💗
  • I was pretty productive today: more laundry, shower, and studying! Yay for progress!!! I have an early morning, but I’ll try to study a bit more.
  • I practiced my uke! It’s been a long time. I was strumming to Have You Ever Seen The Rain. 😄
  • Animal Crossing update: I really want the Sanrio x ACNH amiibo card pack, but not sure if I can even get it this Friday. I’d have to get up early to just make the purchase and then pick up in person. I can already feel the mayhem!!! Bought my turnips and did maintenance.
  • Sanrio is the best! I still collect to this day. 🥰
  • I decided to order one last boba drink before I stay away for a while. I gotta keep myself in check!!
  • I’m now watching Sex and the City with the fam. So good! S4E1 🙂
  • I’ve been able to catch up with family and friends!! It’s the best.
  • One week from now, I’ll have my second dose of the Covid vaccine! 🥲
  • I’m hoping for a great week! I wish y’all the same. Take care!!

Good night.


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