Day 357.

Happy Thursday aka Friday Eve! Got that from Isabelle. ACNH rules!!

  • I’ve been feeling okay. Still a bit nauseous. I hope it passes soon. 🙃
  • Ordered Stix. One of my fave snack places in the city!! I haven’t had them since January.
  • I finished Midsommar. It was very interesting!! I’m still like 🤔
  • I’m really looking forward to the weekend so I can recover and celebrate our brother’s bday!!
  • I’m still hoping to be very productive. The vaccine side effects are lingering, but I can get through it.
  • Already scheduled my second dose. It’s on a Sunday! Let’s go. 🤗
  • Watched The Chase with the fam. It’s a great show! I love trivia.
  • Hung out with the dogs tonight. They love to be with us no matter what. They’re so funny when they try to switch places or one of them gets picky. 😂🐶🐶
  • Busy Friday tomorrow, but I got this!!
  • Animal Crossing update: hung out at the twin’s island. Leif was in town, but I didn’t take advantage of selling my weeds to him. Next time. I bought some cute stuff from the Able Sisters. 💗

Today was a good one. I need sleep! I’m now doing some laundry before bed since I have some energy. Baja blast is always great. Caffeine 🤪

Hope y’all had a nice one! Take care.

Good night.


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