Day 283.

Happy Sunday! It’s a new week and I’m ready. 🥰 These next few weeks are mine. I love that! I get to mellow out and just do my own thing. I’m adding more movies to my watch list. I also want to finish Becoming before January.

I still need to mail out cards and some gifts. It’ll all get done! I really didn’t do much this weekend. I’ve been playing a lot of Animal Crossing to pass the time. I found the recipe for a snowflake wall. I’m still without the other DIYs. I wish there was another way to collect these things. I have until 1/6/21 to find them all.

Loretta and I attended an online memorial for Amado. It was beautiful! I’m really glad we were able to share space with friends and community. What an intelligent and endearing soul. We’ll continue to carry on your legacy. Mabuhay Amado! ❤️

The Niners are officially out of the playoff picture. What a frustrating season! I had a lot of expectations for them, but things happen. Many familiar faces might not be with us next season. 😭😩💔 I’ll always cheer for them – the highs & lows!!

I’ve got a busy day tomorrow. PFTs, let’s do this! I’m a little nervous because it’s been a while. I hope I do alright.

Well, I’d like to wish you all an amazing week! Take care and be safe. Cases are surging once again throughout the country and in California too. 😞

Good night.


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