Day 282.

Happy Saturday! It was a lazy one for me and I loved it.

I decided to make French toast, but I used almond milk this time around. It was okay. I definitely prefer regular milk. We’ve gotta get more groceries soon. After brunch, I washed dishes and helped decorate the tree. It’s finally up!

Animal Crossing update: I failed at making my second Snowboy. The tailor shop is now in its new location. I also moved the campsite. Still haven’t found holiday DIYs.

Little Mix has been on repeat. I miss Jesy so much! I’ll miss them being a quartet. 😭💗

I’ve gotta order our holiday dessert. And I finally got to try Stix today! The Combodog was so good. I had boba again. 🧋😋

We watched SNL at 8:30pm! It was really funny. Might rewatch it at 11:30pm.

That was my day. Still need to wrap presents and mail out cards. It’ll all get done! Hope y’all had a nice one. Take care!

Good night.


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