Day 202.

I’ve dealt with a lot of pain and discomfort today. I did my best to have a good day. 🙂

It’s been 7 months since my last dental visit. It was so nice to see my student dentist and catch up. Overall, my teeth are looking much better! I had to deal with the probing part this afternoon. It hurt, but I got through it. My cleaning was also done manually. All the other tools must be cleared by COVID-19 protocol. A lot has changed, but I’m adapting! After my appointment, I decided to treat myself to another PSL. 🎃

I’ve just been listening to the same music for the last week. It’s been a week since my heart was broken. I’m still healing and giving myself the time to process. 😭💔 I was on Bumble for a bit before I went to sleep last night and I had to deactivate my profile again. I’m still hurting. 😔

Animal Crossing update: My new art piece is now in my museum. Label was in town. Bud is moving out and Vivian is moving in. It’s spooky season starting tomorrow. I’m excited for all the orange!!

Postseason baseball wasn’t the best today. The Twins were eliminated. 😞 I still have a bunch of other teams to root for. BEAT LA!!!! 🖤🧡

I just feel like crap today. I’m hoping I feel better tomorrow. 💜

Take care, y’all! Farewell to you, September.

Good night.


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