Day 174.

How is it almost Thursday?! Happy Wednesday! I stayed up to watch Feel the Beat. It was pretty good. I love dance movies!

I’ve been pretty tired today, but I got my exercise in. 300 squats done. I’m halfway there! 💪🏼 I also had to nap. My sleep was interrupted by our dog. She’s such a rascal, but we love her.

The Giants only scored 6 runs today and that’s okay. The bullpen wasn’t very stable. They’ve played 38 games. The season is winding down. Whether we get to the postseason or not, I’m proud of the 🖤🧡. It’s been an interesting, but progressive season. #BlackLivesMatter

Animal Crossing update: I caught some new bugs. Redd didn’t stop by today. Maybe tomorrow or Friday? I’m always seeking out new art pieces to add to the museum. I want more statues. 😄

I’m still dealing with anxiety and overthinking, but I’m working through it. Sometimes I just sit with my emotions. So many new and exciting things happening – regardless of the outcome. I’m proud for putting myself out there and taking a chance. 💜

My Simpsons print arrived today. Must figure out where to put it.

Caught the last of Game 7 between the Thunder-Rockets. It was a nail biter until the end. Houston is moving on. I really miss the Warriors! 💙💛

My legs feel like Jell-o. 🙃 But I’m making progress each day. I even had two smoothies today! Yay for health and wellness. Everyone’s on their own journey. We’re all works in progress. I’m rooting for y’all! 🥰

Take care, everyone!!

Good night.