Day 176.

Happy Friday!

I’ve been in a weird headspace. Maybe I’m expecting too much? I’m kinda in a funk again, but I’m still getting work done. I just overthink about everything. Sighhh.

I’m making progress with my class. Every second counts. Yes! And I got my squats and exercise in too. 💪🏼

Giants lost tonight. There’s always tomorrow. Go Giants! 🖤🧡

Animal Crossing update: I sold a bunch of things and paid off a good chunk of my home loan. Kicks was in town too.

Music is helping me, but yeah. I’m still thinking about a lot. This pandemic is taking a toll on me mentally, but I’m fighting it. Putting that out into the universe. I’ll be stronger because of this. I’m just frustrated and disappointed. 😢

I need my sleep and I’ll be doing a lot this holiday weekend. I’m ready!

Have a great weekend, everyone! Take care.

Good night.