Day 177.

I’m still in this weird state of trying to move on and feeling sad. Maybe I am overthinking, but it’s like if a guy was really interested, he’d do anything to stay present and keep connected. Sighhh. I don’t know. I did match with some new people, so that’s cool. And I can always rely on my friends for advice and affirmation. ❤️

I napped the warm day away. I did have some matcha-vanilla swirl with boba from Matcha Cafe Maiko. One of the best places for dessert! Food makes me happy. 😋

I caught the last half of the Giants game. Welcome back, MadBum! Wish he was still with us, but all the best to him. We got the W! 😎🖤🧡

Animal Crossing update: sold items, found the message in a bottle, and paid off part of my loan. I must remember to buy turnips tomorrow!

I’m going to study a bit more tonight. I have energy to get through one more section. I finished my exercise for the day too. 600 squats done for the week! It’s a rest day for me tomorrow. I’ll clean and continue studying.

I wanted to watch a movie tonight, but I might just save it. We’ll see how I’m feeling.

That was my Saturday. I’m thinking of adding another eyeshadow palette to my collection, but I don’t need it. 😩 Conflicted.

Hope y’all had a nice one. Take care!

Good night.