Day 179.

Happy Labor Day! Thank you to all essential workers during this unprecedented time. ❤️

So the dating scene is scarce. I matched with a mutual friend and that went nowhere. I’m still a little hesitant to continue contact with the guy I guess I’m still keeping in touch with. He’s seeking out marriage. I’m seeking out a relationship. My coworker has told me not to stress about my conversations with him. Do I just reach out again? Sigh. Dating app fatigue is real. I got some pointers from Bumble support, but no luck. I’m going to verify my profile tomorrow. Let’s see if my matches improve.

I went for a walk today to help with some groceries and I needed to clear my head. It was a beautiful day! 🥰

I took a nap once we got back. I couldn’t deal with the warmth at home. I had a cooling blanket. Kinda helped.

Animal Crossing update: so close to paying off my loan! I hope I pay it off this week.

I gotta buckle down and study some more this week. I’m sure I’ll also be provided with a work update. Ah! I’m a little stressed.

Time to take care of trash night. I got my squats done too! ✅ My workout routine is about 15 minutes with my resistance bands.

Still trying to remain positive during this pandemic. I’m up and down. That’s the truth.

Hope y’all had a nice one. Football is pretty much here. Go Niners! ❤️💛 And the Giants beat the Dbacks again. 😎🖤🧡 Back at .500!!!

Good night.


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