Day 119.

This pandemic has been weighing on me. The news as of late in the US hasn’t been helping. There are more cases. It’s worrisome. As much as we’d like to normalize our lives like it was before, I really don’t see that happening anytime soon. The numbers are astonishing. Across the country it seems like there is no end in sight. It’s scary! I’ll continue to listen to science. The medical professionals know what they’re talking about. I’ve been around hospitals since I was 17 years old. I’ve made it this far. Please comply! 😷

I didn’t have the greatest of days. I feel like I’m in a funk. I hope to snap out of it eventually, but I’m allowing myself to go through it. I used to suppress my feelings and emotions. It’s not healthy. It’s okay to let it out and there’s nothing wrong with crying.

Highlight of my day: I got the mermaid screen DIY from Pascal today. Yay! It’s so pretty. I think I have all the materials to craft it.

This week has been up and down. I hope I’ll be in a better headspace in a few days. Ultimately I’m in a slump. My mind is still kinda stuck in March, especially the last day of work. The ending was premature. Doesn’t sit right with me.

Anyway, I’ll end it here. I might watch a movie to cheer me up tonight. Hope y’all had a nice Thursday. Take care.

Good night!


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