Day 120.

TGIF! This week was hard, but I made it. I hope I’ll get to relax and chill out this weekend. I’ve got plans to clean. 😎

I stayed up watching The Sinner. The ending of s1 was so good. I know s3 just ended. Probably won’t be on Netflix until the Fall or Winter. Might start watching Glee again. The first time around I only watched half of s1.

Animal Crossing update: Pascal gave me a pearl. Canberra is leaving my island. Time to find a new villager! Haven’t used any NMT in a week or so. I’ve gotta move some buildings around too. Flowers are outta control. Lol.

My new face masks and skincare products arrived today! I’m embracing the aging process, but it’s important to take care of your skin. I ordered some new sunscreen too. I hope I like it.

We just made cupcakes! I had two. I might have another. Haha. I may watch Sleepless in Seattle before bed tonight.

Gonna play a bit of my uke. I need to practice.

Hope y’all had a nice Friday. Take care!

Good night.


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