Day 118.

Today was alright. My day’s have been better. There are a bunch of things bothering me at the moment, but I shall vent & save that for another day.

We had Indian food for lunch. Always delicious! I also bought mango lassi for everyone. It’s so refreshing.

Highlight of the day: I got to catch up with my grandma on the phone. It was brief, but I’m glad she’s doing okay. She just wanted to say hello. I love you, Lola! ❤️

Animal Crossing update: I have another piece of art to add to my museum. It’s Venus de Milo! Thanks, Redd. And Pascal gave me mermaid flooring today. Good progress!

My medication wasn’t delivered today. I was expecting it in the afternoon. Hopefully it gets to me tomorrow. I really need it. 😬

One of my other masks came in today too. I’ll try it on tomorrow. Gotta practice my uke in a bit.

That was my Wednesday. Hope yours went well. Take care!

Good night.


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