This photo was taken on July 21, 2017. I had an awesome Japanese curry dinner before dessert of course. I needed some quality time with my best gals: my twin sister and our best friend since elementary school. B + J, y’all are da best! 💕

Venting really helps. Sometimes I tend to bottle my emotions up. Whenever that happens, it’s frustrating. But when I get the chance to let it all out, it’s the greatest feeling. We talked about everything. So fun!!

The funniest memory from that night was rushing our dinner to get dessert. We had about 15 minutes to walk across the other mall. Very short distance, but the line was decent. Nothing too unbearable. The taiyaki is from Uji Time. There’s red bean filling at the bottom! I loved it. I also picked matcha tea & black sesame. Absolutely delicious combo. One of my favorite dessert places in the city. At least top ten. 🙂

More entries to write. Bear with me. 

Good night. 


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