Day 280.

Hello Christmas break!!! Happy Thursday indeed! I was running a bit late since I decided to sleep in and mellow out before getting ready. People were so nice today. I got to take home some desserts and gifts. Feeling really blessed.

I decided to wear my parol earrings. So pretty! I didn’t get to wear them at all last year. I love them. 🌟 My group did pretty well today. It’s always nice when they’re on task. Highlight of my day was playing Kahoot! again. The drive home was peaceful. I’m just anxious about stupid things right now.

Animal Crossing update: still haven’t found holiday DIY recipes. Darn! I did sell most of my turnips today. Hurrah!!

Caught some of TNF. It was a good game!

I’m feeling tired again. I’m planning to sleep early since I have a COVID test scheduled for tomorrow. It’s an extra step for my appt on Monday. Hope it all goes well!

Take care and good night! 😷


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