Day 285.

Happy Tuesday! It’s been a pretty chill day. I stayed up playing Animal Crossing again. I found another recipe. Still on the hunt for more. We also watched Bohemian Rhapsody again + Queen music videos. Freddie Mercury was amazing! He’s missed. He was so creative and on another level. RIP Freddie. ❤️

I was able to send out our BFF’s gift. We had something for her niece too. I love giving people presents! Speaking of presents, I finally got around to wrapping stuff for my family. Hurrah! Now I must finish writing my holiday cards. Gotta get them in tomorrow. I hate being last minute! 😩

I watched a bit of the Dubs game. We’re looking okay, but we miss Klay!!! Get well soon. 💙💛

I fell asleep before the pizza got here. I woke up at 10:11pm. 😬 I got to eat my dinner and it was delish! I love crazy bread. 😋 I had some of the tres leches cake slice I ordered yesterday. It’s always so delicious!!

Might watch another movie tonight. I’d like to sleep early since my medicine will be delivered tomorrow. But it’s my holiday break and I’m enjoying my free time!!

Highlight of my day: catching up with friends via text. Always glad to hear from them!

I hope y’all had a nice one. Take care and be safe!!

Good night.


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