What was supposed to be an awesome day became a shit show! Long story short, I wanted to finally meet Buster Posey in person and have him sign my 2014 World Series baseball.

Mom and I got there before 11. Honestly thought there’d be plenty of time for everyone to get their pic and autographs. As the clock approached 12:15pm, it was announced that they wouldn’t be able to take everyone. So disappointing!!! We were all pleading considering the cost and time for everyone. No luck!

Left my baseball to be signed at a later time. Hoping he really does! I’m still pissed. It was a logistical failure on the org’s part. I’ve been venting all over social media about it. Nothing was communicated to us while we waited. There were no signs indicating where to stand. It was so bad!!!! First and last time I ever do a signing that isn’t done by the Giants internally.

The silver lining is that Mom got her pic with him. Happy for her! I hope she gets it soon. 💗

I’m tired. Body is very sore considering I had to head home, eat a quick lunch, and go to work. I can’t even stay awake right now. Ahh!!

Excited for the Dubs parade on Monday! Hope that’s a better experience. They’re estimating 1M people to be there. My goodness! I’m anxious, but this is the first parade in SF. 💙💛🏆

This is good night. Can’t stay awake anymore. Later!!!


Day 327.

Happy Tuesday! It was a short and pretty productive day for myself.

  • I stayed up watching Cobra Kai! I’m digging it. Ralph Macchio was one of my childhood crushes. 🥰
  • I overslept a bit, but I got ready in time.
  • Slim roster so today went smoothly! Tomorrow is my busy day. I got this!!
  • February is flying. I’m trying to savor every moment. 💗 I want to write Valentine’s Day cards to family and friends.
  • I took a really long nap. I just had a late dinner – potatoes, fries, tater tots, and mac and cheese. I balanced that out with water and 2 clementines. I haven’t exercised this week. Planning to hold myself accountable this weekend!
  • Covid numbers in CA are improving, but it’s still important to continue social distancing, wear a mask, and wash your hands.
  • Today is World Ukulele Day! I played a bit of I’m Yours and Let It Be.
  • I’m hoping to sleep earlier tonight.
  • Animal Crossing update: created a blank square to help with flower spreading. It’s a little annoying! Bought some Festivale items at NC.
  • Lastly, my signed Julia Quinn book arrived today! Another book to add to my reading list. I love Bridgerton!! ❤️

Hope y’all had a nice one! Take care.

Good night.